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This application supports virtual atlases for:

   Colorcurve,Coloroid, DIN-6164, Munsell, NCS, OSA-UCS and SCA-2541 colour order systems.

   CIE, CIELab and CIELuv colour specification systems.

   BS:5252, RAL 840HR and RAL 841GL colour ranges.

To display a virtual atlas select the required atlas from the "View" menu.

The "Options" menu is used to control how the atlas is displayed, and the "Source" menu is used to select the data set to display based on illuminant, observer, and type of data set. A data set has one of three types: "Aim" the data set represents the intended aim points of the colours, "Actual" are actual colorimetric measurements of the samples in the atlas, and "User" are user loaded data sets typically colorimetric measurements of an atlas for illuminant/observer conditions not natively supported by the application or measured using a specific spectrophotometer. Information on supplied data sets is here and information on how to upload user data sets is here.

The "RGB Space" menu is used in conjunction with the "Chromatic Adaptation" menu to indicate how the CIE tristimulus values of the colours are to be rendered to the display (converted to RGB values); more information on this is available here.

The functionality of the "View", "Options", "Source" and "RGB Space" menus is also replicated in the standard toolbar shown below:

Virtual atlas toolbar

If this toolbar is not visible ensure "Toolbar" is checked in the "Options" menu:Virtual atlas toolbar.

View menu/toolbar options:
    : Select "Virtual Atlas" functionality.
    : Select Colour Difference functionality.
    : Select Colour Notation Conversion functionality.
    : Select Spectral Curve functionality.
    : Select Compare Colours functionality.

Options menu/toolbar options:
    : Preceeding chart.
    : Succeeding chart.
    : Swap axes (only applicable to plane based systems: e.g. OSA-UCS and CIE).
    : Autosize on/off (chart sizes to fit available screensize when on).
    : Activates the sample size and spacing screen.
    : Displays the half-point (non-integer step) samples (Colorcurve only).
    : Displays extended colours, extended colour range varies by system.
    : Activates the background colour selection screen.
    : Reduces the zoom setting resulting in less interpolated colours being displayed.
    : Increases the zoom setting resulting in the calculation of interpolated samples up to a maximum of 800%.

The first list box displays the available data set options and duplicates those available in the "Source" menu.

The second list box displays the available RGB spaces and duplicates those available in the "RGB Space" menu.

Left-clicking on a sample in the atlas view displays a larger sample of the colour in the centre of the screen, and the status bar contains the coordinates of the selected sample and the corresponding CIE tristimulus and RGB values. For RAL colour ranges the RAL colour name is also displayed, and for Munsell the ISCC-NBS color name is displayed.
Single sample
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