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Virtual Atlas
Virtual Atlas uses the Microsoft Silverlight 5 run-time to provide fast graphics and rich functionality; the Silverlight 5 run-time is free and compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.  Virtual Atlas is free and requires no registration.

If Silverlight is not installed on your PC or Mac you will be re-directed to the Microsoft Silverlight installer page.  This will install the PC or Mac Silverlight framework - Silverlight does NOT require a Microsoft operating system.

Click here to use the latest version of Virtual Atlas for Silverlight 5

(note: for older operating systems the previous Silverlight 4 version of Virtual Atlas is here)

For PCs there are no reported issues with either IE (9 and 10) or Chrome.

For Macs (Snow Leopard OSX v10.6.8) there are no reported issues with Safari v5.1.9.

To check current OS and browser support or to confirm if Silverlight is installed: Silverlight Support Page

Please report any defects or browser issues, or suggestions for enhancements to:

Current build is v2.1.0724 September 17th 2013
Munsell Chroma
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